Kitchen Tour With Philippe Petit

This kitchen has been designed to make the most of limited space.

High-wire artist Philippe Petit ouside his upstate New York home.Landon Nordeman
The 19th-century beams crossing the ceiling serve as racks from which Petit and O'Donnell hang pots, pans, and various other implements.Landon Nordeman
The open shelving for pantry items, allow for improvisational cooking.Landon Nordeman
The design has evolved to accommodate found objects: in one corner, two halves of a hickory limb cut from the tree that stood in the backyard hold utensils like ladles and peelers.Landon Nordeman
The original stove, a 1953 Magic Chef. Gifts from friends distinguish the space; the white Carrara marble donated by Reverend James Parks Morton (right).Landon Nordeman
Plating deviled quail eggs topped with caviar.Landon Nordeman
Petit's home-made egg beater.Landon Nordeman
Cooking the parsnip pureeLandon Nordeman
Always time for a show.Landon Nordeman
A photo of Petit in his youth.Landon Nordeman
Petit making detailed notes on the meal.Landon Nordeman
A champagne toast to the chef.Landon Nordeman