Picture-Perfect: Winners of the SAVEUR Sandwich Photo Contest

Saveur's reader sandwich photo contest, including winner Denise Woodward and runners-up Joan Nova, Angela Watts, Kari Godsill, Matthew Wright, Matt Shields and Deanna Linder

Denise Woodward's winning entry for the reader sandwich photo contest: a pork patty breakfast sandwich. See recipe.
Joan Nova's codfish, fried peppers, saffron, and oregano on rustic bread
Angela Watts' grilled cheddar, roasted red pepper spread, and eggplant
Kari Godsill's yellowtail on brioche with scallion-chipotle tartar sauce
Matthew Wright's white cheddar and caramelized-onion BLT
Matt Shields' brie, tomato, and basil on sourdough topped with a fried egg
Deanna Linder's steak with grilled tomatoes, arugula, and olive oil

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