_ Jerry Manning, San Marcos, CA_
Early fall harvest from our garden and home orchard in Southern California.
SAVEUR’s Cover Contest Winner!
Alice Currah, Seattle Banchan refers to side dishes of food served with Korean cuisine during a single meal. Similar to the Academy Awards, banchan are the “Best Supporting Dishes” often unrecognized for their vital importance in Korean food. Visit her website at savorysweetlife
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Greg Henry, Hollywood, Ca Salt or No Salt? Visit his website at jgreghenry
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Jackie Alpers, Tuscon This is the biggest artichoke I’d ever seen. jackiealpers
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Karen Maze, Los Angeles Pee Wee Potatoes from the farmer’s market in Santa Monica. I bought them solely on the basis of looks. karenmaze
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Cathy Danh, Los Angeles Now, this is an open kitchen. Central Vietnamese-style banh xeo are are made in small griddles over large flames. The smoky environs lend a welcomed char to the saffron beauties. Visit her website at CATHYDANH
SAVEUR’s Market Photo Contest Winner!
Cecilia Clark, Diamond Springs This is a photo of a honey seller in an outdoor market in Lalibela, Ethiopia. DIAMONDSPRINGS
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Pongpornparanee Tata Stanek, St. Paul Vegetable Stand in Udaipur, India TATA STANEK
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Pongpornparanee Tata Stanek, St. Paul From the market in Antananarivo, Madagascar TATA STANEK
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Heather Martin, Phoenix Steam, smells, lights, and music waft up above the nighttime marketplace of Djemaa el Fna in Marrakesh, Morocco. BAKLAVA
SAVEUR’s Market Photo Cobtest Runner Up!
Mike Frey, Frisco Italian Seafood store – not sure exactly where. chatworthy
SAVEUR’s “What’s in Your Fridge” Photo Contest Winner! We dont just eat local, we eat out of our backyard. We grow our own organic veggies in the summer, raise our own chickens for eggs and keep a herd of dairy goats and milk 6 goats daily. What you see is our fridge stuffed with 1/2 gallon canning jars filled with freshly milked goats milk, some of it raw, freshly made raw goat cheese (chevre) hanging in the middle, homemade goat yogurt on the right, homemade goat milk buttermilk toward the back on the right, homegrown eggs on the left, homemade lactofermented kimchi hides in the back. Above the hanging cheese to the right you see some shiitake and oyster mushroom spawn plugs for logs in our backyard, homegrown and homemade grated horseradish in vinegar, and on the far right of that shelf some homegrown pickled yellow wax green beans from last summer. NIKA
SAVEUR’s Summer Produce Winner!
Denise Woodward, San Francisco Tomatoes chezus
SAVEUR’s Summer Produce Photo Contest Winner!
Sarah Watson, Salem, Or Just picked raspberries my 3 sons and I picked one summer morning. My oldest took this picture without me knowing it – what a surprise to find! It has become one of my favorite summertime pictures ever. I use it as my screen saver at work, and every time I see it, it makes me pause and smile. SWATS73
SAVEUR’s Summer Produce Photo Contest Runner Up!
Jason Gronlund, Apopka Shaved fresh fennel, chopped shallots, fresh tarragon, olive oil and fresh roma tomatoes roasted and finished with Hawaian Black Salt JASON8284
SAVEUR’s Spring Produce Photo Contest Winner
Diana Reese, Florida Pretty Oyster Mushrooms jjddaa
SAVEUR’s Spring Produce Photo Contest Runner Up
Carol R. Marty, Washington State Spring and asparagus go hand in hand! carolr74
SAVEUR’s Spring Produce Photo Contest Runner Up Chef Carla Hall picks through herbs dvereen
SAVEUR’s Spring Produce Photo Contest Runner Up
Denise Reynolds, New York I discovered the joy of fava beans during springtime in Rome. I had no idea how beautiful and colorful something as modest as a veggie could be. nissi47
SAVEUR’s Spring Produce Photo Contest Runner Up
Kristina Valentine, Los Angeles_ Spring is the time of rebirth and renewal. Mother Nature has a way of creating patterns in various fruits which, to me, symbolize fertility. peanutbutterfly