Scenes from Thai Markets

Food stall vendors.James Oseland
Grilled chiles, garlic, and shallots, which will be pounded into nam prik, a spicy snack dip.James Oseland
A vendor ladles up a take-out portion of a curry at his stall.James Oseland
A window of a shop selling Buddhist statuettes in Bombay's Chinatown.James Oseland
A young man outside a shop in Bangkok's Chinatown.James Oseland
A woman hauling chiles on the outskirts of Klong Toey Market in Bangkok.James Oseland
Water spinach for sale at Klong Toey Market in Bangkok.James Oseland
A produce vendor at Klong Toey Market in Bangkok.James Oseland
A vendor at Klong Toey Market, Bangkok, selling a variety of fried insects, which are common street snacks.James Oseland
A butcher in Bangkok.James Oseland
A cat on a scale in a vendor's shop in Bangkok.James Oseland
Thai-style braised spiced duck.James Oseland
Braising bamboo shoots.James Oseland
A serving of khanom jin: rice noodles with fish curry garnished with bean sprouts and lemon basil.James Oseland
Food vendors serving khanom jin, a popular breakfast food.James Oseland
Food vendors.James Oseland
A wall of lemongrass (foreground) and pandan leaves (rear) at Tadaal Thai, Bangkok.James Oseland
Two pork heads on display.James Oseland