Girl Scout Cookies: The Taste Test

We here at the SAVEUR office in New York went nuts over this season's selection of delectable Girl Scout Cookies. Check out what we had to say after our taste tests.


SAVEUR staff says: “Like shortbread dipped in lemon icing. Very fancy!” “Reminds me of summertime on the beach as a kid with a tall glass of iced-tea” “Vegan! Super lemony, in a sweet, extracty kind of way. Seems to get sweeter as you continue eating–but to some of us, that’s a good thing…”


SAVEUR staff says: “These can get by on texture alone–that satisfying soft-n-bite caramel resistance, coconut chew. The cookie taste is almost as good. ” “The main problem with these is that they’re too small to eat just one or two.” “Soft shortbread, toasted caramel, and milk chocolate without bitterness. This one is the tops for me.”


SAVEUR staff says: “More like a cracker than a cookie. Maybe would be good with cheese and grapes, but pretty awful by itself.” “People, can we just call these by their rightful name?? Trefoils, please!” “Crunchy, pasty air.”


SAVEUR staff says: “Delicious artificial peanut butter flavor. Maybe I forgive the cheapness of the peanut butter because I grew up with these cookies. And I just love PB.” “Remind me of after school snack. Taste better frozen.” “Much like a peanut butter Twix. I like how ‘shatteringly crisp’ the cookie is.”


SAVEUR staff says: “Vegan! Nice spiciness–cinnamon hits your nose as you lift the cookie to your mouth. Tastes like a graham cracker lite.” “These look amazing, with Soviet-style propaganda slogans on each cookie (‘believe’, ‘create’, etc.) Unfortunately, mine said ‘Lead,’ which I first read as the name of a toxic metal, not an exhortation to step out ahead of the pack–not exactly a good association for a foodstuff–but never mind. Gently spicy, just crunchy enough, and salty enough to be mildly addictive. Eminently dunkable.” “Inspirational and goofy. Less delicately flavored than the thin mints–real spicy goodness.”


SAVEUR staff says: “The cookies are preternaturally crunchy. Faintly pharmaceutical quality, but I like. Dry.” “Like a slightly sweet pre-packaged peanut butter and cracker combo–the kind where the peanut butter peels off in one single round.” “Kind of dry and artificial but add a glass of milk and they’re fine fodder.” “Dry and crunchy but oh-so familiar.”


SAVEUR staff says: “Delicately chocolate and minty and too small to have calories, right?” “The only girl scout cookie.” “I can’t really assess the flavor with one. I need another. Or maybe two. or…okay, I’ll take this whole package. BRB.” “I like thick mints better–just sandwich two together.”


SAVEUR staff says: “Like a British digestif–so refined!” “The cookie for joyless people who hate cookies.” “Vegan! Brings me back to grade school-sweet chocolate with crisp cookie. Perfect for the afternoon slumps.”

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