Valencia Rising

One of the city's contemporary restaurants, curiously named Burdeos in LoveChristopher Hirsheimer
La Mantandeta chef Maria Dolores BaixauliChristopher Hirsheimer
Rice with cuttlefish and vegetables at La Mantandeta.Christopher Hirsheimer
Paellero Manolo Baixauli at La MatandetaChristopher Hirsheimer
Seafood at the Central MarketChristopher Hirsheimer
The interior of Valencia's Central MarketChristopher Hirsheimer
A waiter in the doorway of Bar PilarChristopher Hirsheimer
Valencian-style mussels at Bar PilarChristopher Hirsheimer
Spiny lobster with lentils and vegetable cream from El AltoChristopher Hirsheimer
Mariano Marco's Baracca de L'OliveroChristopher Hirsheimer
The Museum of Sciences in the City of Arts and SciencesChristopher Hirsheimer
The historic Casa Montaña one of the city's contemporary restaurantsChristopher Hirsheimer
Casa Montaña** in ValenciaChristopher Hirsheimer
The Puente del Mar in the Jardin del TuriaChristopher Hirsheimer
Vegetables from Mariano Marco's gardenChristopher Hirsheimer
El Alto chef Quique BarellaChristopher Hirsheimer
Outside of Valencia MarketChristopher Hirsheimer