Christmas Ham (Julskinka)
Julskinka is a boiled ham that cooks in an aromatic soup and is then glazed and topped with breadcrumbs. Maxime Iattoni
Maxime Iattoni
Maxime Iattoni
Jansson’s Temptation “It’s not a creamy gratin, it’s more of a rich gratin,” says Jernmark of this traditional Swedish side that pairs spiced anchovies with potatoes, onions, and cream. “Everyone makes a different version, but this is fairly traditional.” See the recipe for Jansson’s Temptation » Go back to A Scandinavian Julbord Christmas » Maxime Iattoni
Dip-in-the-Pot (Dopp i Gryta)
This fondue-like dip made from reduced ham broth is a Swedish Christmas favorite. Maxime Iattoni
Glögg (Spiced Wine)
The secret ingredient to this version of a classic is Indonesian long pepper, which is not as unusual a Scandinavian ingredient as it might sound. Long peppers were one of the first things that Sweden brought back when the Dutch East India Company established trade in 1602. Maxime Iattoni
Maxime Iattoni
Herring and Beet Salad
This Swedish dish is a Christmas classic. Maxime Iattoni
Lutefisk Jernmark’s version of the infamous lutefisk swaps out the “jellyfish-like” lye-cured cod in favor of fresh cod that’s been brined and poached. “This isn’t true lutefisk,” he clarifies. “It’s an interpretation of the dish” — one that retains the allspice bechamel and the green peas. “You have the saltiness that you would find in the real thing, but you keep the beautiful texture that the cod has.” Go back to a Scandinavian Julbord Christmas Maxime Iattoni