After arriving in Vegas, we nested into our room at the Bellagio hotel. We were met with goodies like Zonin prosecco and olive oil potato chips (all of which were finished in our 2 days there). Demetria Provatas
And our view from the room was amazing.
That night everyone came together for a cocktail party in the hotel. In addition to finally putting a face to my favorite food blogs – I got to meet so many inspiring and lovely people! Demetria Provatas
In downtime I did a good amount of laying around the pool drinking cocktails. This mixed drink with cucumber lime juice and gin was a favorite.
Also, exploring the Bellagio’s beautiful conservatory.
We tried our hands at a bit of gambling (a whole dollar!) and we failed miserably.
We also had a bit of time to explore off the strip and venture into downtown Vegas! We found an awesome container park where we ate delicious vegan nachos and got a few drinks.
And here were the drinks! At the Boozery the bartender was a pro and I had the Monkey Shine, which I may now be calling my favorite cocktail I’ve ever had? It was a revival cocktail featuring Ciroq Vodka, balanced with Cointreau, Campari, Lemon Juice, and pink guava, topped with a mint sprig dusted in confectionary sugar.
And then finally it was time for the final Food Blog Awards dinner.
The menu for the dinner was unbelievable, featuring dishes like grilled wild salmon with sweet corn porridge, asparagus, zucchini, and a charred tomato vinaigrette and then finished off with goat cheese panna cotta, macadamia nut granola, pinot noir sorbet, and roasted grapes, not to mention the sorbet that was being held in an ice sculpture. Demetria Provatas
I got to sit across from Sarah Kieffer of The Vanilla Bean Blog and her husband!
I feel so privileged to have met so many inspiring and talented people!