25 Terrific Tea Towels

Flat rectangles call out for creative contents: words on a page, paint on a canvas. So it is that tea towels—those wonderful kitchen workhorses that are simultaneously potholders, cleaning cloths, makeshift placemats, and oven-handle decor—are the perfect platform for an outpouring of creativity. From visual puns to classic linen stripes, these 25 tea towels are some of our all-time favorites to have or (if you're in a giving mood) to receive.

Everything's Better With Stripes

Gradient Line Tea Towel, $25 at Avril Loreti/
French Stripe Tea Towel, $24 at
Libeco Amherst Tea Towel, $23 at

Graphic Design

Geometry of Pasta Towel, £8.50 at
Lattice Tea Towel, $25 at
Triangle (Black) Tea Towel, $17.95 at

Punningly Clever

Paper Towel, £8.50 at
Mr Tea Towel, £7.50 at
Diner-saurs Tea Towel, $12.99 at

Advice for Life

Lemons Tea Towel, $15.00 at Dear Colleen/Etsy
I’ve Choreographed a Special Dishwashing Dance for You, _$22 at Able & Game/Etsy_
Small Brain Towel, £9.95 at

Scandinavian Style

By Nord Photoprint Towel, £14.95 at
Isak Blossom & Bill Tea Towel, _$17 at Huset-shop.com_
Marimekko Kesatori Tea Towel, $36 for two at

Properly British

English Dinner Dish Cloth, $15.50 at Victoria Eggs/Etsy
Jubilee Steadfast and True Tea Towel, £4.95 at
Mushy Peas Tea Towel, _£12 at

Good Enough to Eat

Tomato Tea Towel, $12 at
Linen Tea Towel–Sweets, $20 at
Silly Sausage & Sensible Egg Tea Towel, £10 at

Useful Reference

Wine Pairing Towel Set, $28 for red and white wines at
Classic Cocktails Tea Towel, _£10 at Culturelabel.com_
Conversion Dishtowel, _$4.95 at Crateandbarrel.com_

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