Popsicles Around the Country

As the heat of the summer is in full force, it's very important to stay hydrated. While a glass of ice cold water is probably the best option, we shouldn't overlook the rejuvenating powers of a frozen, fruity popsicle on a hot day. We searched far and wide throughout the country for "mom-and-pop" popsicle joints that are serving up equally creative and refreshing ice pops to help maintain your body temperature and quench any sweet tooth.

pop bar popsicles

Located in New York City, Popbar offers gelato, sorbet, and yogurt pops. Not only that, but you can also customize your dream pop by choosing your base flavor, toppings, and chocolate dipping sauces. Some of their most popular flavors are the pistachio chocolate, blood orange, and hazelnut with dark chocolate.

the pop nation
The Pop Nation

A family-run business that got its start in San Francisco in 2011, The Pop Nation focuses on popsicles inspired by the central american paleta that use natural, local ingredients whenever possible. All of the pops are vegan and gluten free, like the “Bangkok Night Market” (pictured), which is one of their signature spicy pops.

lil pop shop popsicles
Lil' Pop Shop

Lil’ Pop Shop is a not only a “lil’ shop” in Philadelphia, but they also have a food truck that you can find out and about, or it can cater to your next event. The popsicles here have unique combinations of flavors like coconut hibiscus or earl grey and black pepper, plus all the ingredients are locally-sourced and natural, using minimal amounts of added sugar.

birthday cake ice pop sixstrawberries
SixStrawberries Artison Ice Pops

Based in Seattle, SixStrawberries can be found in local farmer’s markets, stores, and in their mobile cart. With flavors ranging from strawberry rhubarb pie to birthday cake (pictured) to chocolate dipped peanut butter to matcha green, they’ve got a pop for all of your sweet cravings.

la new yorkina popsicles
La Newyorkina Popsicles

After Fany Gersen made a trip to her home country, Mexico, she was inspired to reproduce these sweet treats of Mexico with the city of New York. Everything at La Newyorkina is made from scratch with local, seasonal ingredients or imported ingredients from Mexico, like vanilla bean and dried chiles. You can find these pops all over New York City, including carts of them for sale on the Highline!

viva pops
Viva Pops

In San Diego, California, Lisa Altmann is churning out some mean-tasting popsicles. We’re talking strawberry balsamic and lavender honey goat cheese (as pictured), among a host of other brave flavors that change with the seasons. Find your Viva Pops at her location in San Diego, plus farmer’s markets and other retailers.

people's pops
People's Pops

Based in Brooklyn, People’s Pops has locations in NYC as well, spreading their pops and shaved ice creations all around New York. They pride themselves on using fruit from New York City greenmarkets and constantly changing their flavors based on in-season produce.

The Ice Bar

I think we can all agree that the best way to battle the California summer heat is with customizable ice pops, like this Vietnamese coffee pop with vanilla bean gel, condensed milk, fresh mochi, toasted hazelnuts, and coffee powder. With options ranging from creamy to tangy to rich to sour, there’s something for everyone’s liking here.


Situated on the famous Pearl Street in Denver, Colorado, Aikopops began serving their pops in 2011. Always organic, local, gluten-free, and fresh, Aikopops offer a slew of wild flavor combinations that challenge the palate and your perception of a typical popsicle. Avocado orange, honey blue cheese, tomato basil, and apple wasabi are just a few of the creative pops that keep customers going back for more.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

These popsicles bring together alcohol and poolside fun, all in the party atmosphere of Las Vegas. At the Cosmopolitan Hotel, you can relax poolside and beat the heat with these boozy popsicles crafted by mixologists behind the bar.

pub pops ice cream
Pub Pops at Publican Quality Meats

Pastry chef Anna Shovers has brought her ice cream push-pop creations to this butcher shop and market in Chicago. The decadent ice cream flavors range for goat milk toffee, to chocolate brownie to strawberry shortcake, but regardless of the flavor, this fun way of eating ice cream on a stick will certainly take you back to your childhood.

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