These Slicers Will Upgrade Your Wine and Cheese Party

Because your serving tools are equally as important as the cheese selection

Once you’re finished assembling your picture-perfect cheese board, you ought to help guests help themselves with the right slicers, knives, and graters. Each of these items serves a unique purpose, as no two cheeses are alike, but all of them will ensure you end up with professional-looking service and perfect slices that will make your wine and cheese night something to remember.

Boska Trio

Boska Trio cheese planes
The Boska trio of cheese planes is functional and timeless.Amazon

This trio hails from Holland, where Boska has perfected their design over the last century or so. The grater and slicer are made for semi-hard and hard cheeses, while the cheese knife is best on softer cheeses—and has a forked tip for serving.

Bellemain Adjustable Cheese Slicer

Bellemain Adjustable Cheese Slicer
Consistency is the name of this cheese slicer’s game.Amazon

This slicer has no blade, and uses a stainless steel wire that rolls along a cheese wedge, leaving behind uniform pieces. You can adjust the position of the wire, to yield everything from paper-thin slices to hearty ¼-inch chunks.

Fox Run Marble Cheese

Fox Run Marble Cheese
The marble base doubles as board once you’ve finished sllcing.Amazon

This slicer features a marble slab (available in three distinct colors) with a non-slip base, and a stainless steel cheese wire for slicing. The board doubles as its own serving plate, too, and the marble surface will keep cheese from getting too warm, for those parties that go long into the night.