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Comforting Winter Soups

Our favorite one-bowl meals to ward off winter's chill

When the temperature drops, there's little we find more comforting than a big, hearty bowl of soup. Beans, lentils, meat, and more all provide the heft necessary to make it through a cold winter. On a frigid day, warm up with one of these winter soup recipes.

Many of our favorite winter soups are loaded with beans. Our homey Senate bean soup uses navy beans, adding ham hock to up the richness. Cool-weather produce can give some balance to a bean soup. Our white bean and ham hock soup is topped with lacinato kale, while our Portuguese chickpea stew adds carrots, potatoes, and butternut squash to a meaty base of sausage, lamb, pork, and veal.

Butternut squash also makes an appearance in our smooth, fragrant Palestinian red lentil soup. We crave lentils in winter—also try our lentil soup flavored with caraway and coriander, topped with mint-laced Greek yogurt, and served with toasted pita bread.

Adding pasta is another way to bulk up a winter soup. Karfiolleves is a paprika-spiced cauliflower soup from Hungary. Dough is dropped into the simmering broth to make tiny dumplings called galuska. Cavatelli packs our chickpea and pasta soup, absorbing the rosemary-scented broth and turning the soup into a rich stew.

Boeuf bourguignonne, packed with onions, mushrooms, carrots, and big chunks of beef, is classic French comfort food. Marinating the meat in wine tenderizes it and gives the stew a rich, slightly acidic flavor.

As winter approaches, keep warm with these winter soup recipes.