Lasagne Noodles

By Allison Fishman

Published on February 11, 2010

Leftover lasagne noodles, you plague both my pantry and me! I'm not a fan of ingredients that aren't versatile, and even after I've baked an enormous lasagne, I always seem to have extra pasta left over.

I know Italians are too sensible to waste food, so there must be something that's done with leftover noodles in that country. Apparently, many Italians use it to make soup. That's sensible.

But as it turns out, soup is just the beginning. A casual perusal of popular food boards taught me that some folks fry scramble cooked lasagne noodles with onions, bacon, and eggs, while others actually make lasagne dessert out of them—really. Drizzle leftover cooked noodles with simple syrup, and crisp them under the broiler before layering them with ricotta or sour cream, berries, melted chocolate, and whipped cream. Garnish it with fresh mint.

As for me, I broke my uncooked noodles into a size that reminded me of pappardelle before cooking them. I sauteed some crimini mushrooms, and let them cook with red wine and caramelized onions. Toward the end, I stirred in creme fraiche and fresh herbs and added the al dente noodles to the sauce. What unconventional but delectable ways do you use lasagne noodles?

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