Notes from the Nimans

By Jessica and Joshua Applestone

Published on October 14, 2009

We've always appreciated the Atlantic Monthly's food coverage, and how could we not? They have such food notables as Marion Nestle, chef Grant Achatz, and Zingerman's own Ari Weinzweig on their roll call. But they also have Bill and Nicolette Niman, best known for their ranching; their stellar all-natural beef, lamb, pork, and poultry; and their animal welfare advocacy. After founding Niman Ranch in the 1970s, Bill essentially became the grandfather of sustainable meat farming in this country, and now raises meat on his home ranch with the help of the Oakland-based company, Preferred Meats. As part of the collective On the Farm blog, the Nimans weigh in on such topics as swine flu, raising goats and chickens, and making farming a sustainable profession. For this and everything else they've done, we applaud Bill and Nicolette, for keeping these issues that are close to our hearts up front in today's media.

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