See the Recipe. Landon Nordeman

When the SAVEUR test kitchen was making Fettucine Alfredo using the original Roman recipe for issue #120, editor-in-chief James Oseland was skeptical. “I didn’t think it would work,” he writes in a blog post for Chronicle Books. “It’s literally one of the easiest recipes in the universe.” But it turned out that butter, parmesan, and a little bit of pasta water could and did coalesce into an extraordinary culinary gestalt, and James was completely won over.

Inspired by his eye-opening experience with true Fettucine Alfredo, we polled the rest of the office to find out what other recipes came as a surprise to our editors: some seemed hard but turned out to be easy, some seemed boring but turned out to be vibrant, and some were just so good that they converted lifelong skeptics over to their team.

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