The 2009 Saveur 100 List

Tie on the apron and fire up the stove: every item in this year’s SAVEUR 100 is devoted to you, the home cook.

Tie on the apron and fire up the stove: every item in this year's SAVEUR 100 is devoted to you, the home cook. This eclectic mix of our favorite foods, drinks, people, places, and things is about celebrating everything we do in our kitchens: from inspirational role models (Great Home Cooks) and indispensable cookbooks (Cook's Library) to homemade condiments (Do It Yourself), versatile seasoning bases (Foundations of Flavor), and sumptuous single-course meals (One-Dish Feasts). We also pay tribute to the best salts, sugars, oils, and vinegars (Pantry Essentials), the most reliable cookware (The Right Gear), and the most underrated ingredients (Everyday Heroes). Also on the menu: the new face of supermarkets, fascinating food innovators, thoughtful culinary musings, time-tested tips, and more. —The Editors

1 Sara Jenkins
2 Lidia Bastianich
3 Urban Gardens and Farms
4 India Tree Sparkling Sugar
5 Billington's Dark Brown Molasses Sugar
6 Goya Piloncillo
7 Florida Crystals Natural Cane Sugar
8 C&H Baker's Sugar
9 Le Creuset French Ovens
10 Home Cooking Classes
11 The Classic Italian Cook Book
12 Euline Joseph
13 Nuñez de Prado Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
14 Frankies 457 Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
15 La Tourangelle Roasted Pistachio Oil
16 Lion & Globe Peanut Oil
17 Scaligera Grapeseed Oil
18 Parachute Coconut Oil
19 Parisian Home Cooking
20 American Century Cookbook
21 Iron Chef Chicago
22 Cuisinart Food Processor
23 Homemade Wine Vinegar
24 John Thorne
25 eGullet
26 Chicken Breasts
27 Home-Based Food Businesses
28 Joakim and Niva Dahl
29 Homemade Whole-Grain Mustard
30 Anolon Ultra Clad Saucepan
31 Mauviel Copper Windsor Saucepan
32 Fagor Duo Pressure Cooker
33 T-Fal Ultimate Fry Pan
34 All-Clad Straight-Sided Saute Pan
35 Harissa
36 Lasagne
37 Homemade Ketchup
38 Frank Gruber
39 Thai Food
40 The New Basics
41 Whole Roasted Fish
42 Homemade Worcestershire Sauce
43 Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt
44 Hakata Roasted Sea Salt
45 Murray River Salt
46 Le Paludier Fleur de Sel de Guerande
47 Grigio di Cervia Gray Sea Salt
48 Matambre
49 Amanda Garbutt
50 Rick Stein's Complete Seafood
51 La Varenne Pratique
52 Nogent Classic Kitchen Spatula
53 R. H. Forschner by Victorinox Chef's Knife
54 Zena Star Economy Peeler
55 Wusthof Kitchen Shears
56 Borner Thin Julienne Cutter
57 Rubbermaid High Heat Scraper and Spatula
58 Combrichon "Magic" Spoon Mini Whisk
59 The Complete Book of Breads
60 In the Sweet Kitchen
61 Neide Rigo
62 Sofrito
63 Homemade Hot Sauce
64 Paul Newman
65 Online Recipe-Management Tools
66 Lodge Logic Cast Iron Skillet
67 Lincoln Foodservice Heavy-Duty Sheet Pan
68 Carlisle Dura-Ware Stockpot
69 Anchor Hocking Glass Baking Dish
70 Precision Wok
71 Weber Kettle Grill
72 Margherita Chiaramonte
73 Berkeley Bowl
74 Brighton Bazaar
75 Jungle Jim's International Market
76 Mi Pueblo
77 MT Supermarket
78 Phoenicia Specialty Foods
79 Pomegranate
80 Sedano's
81 Uwajimaya
82 The Wedge
83 Whole Canned Tomatoes
84 Perloo
85 Thai Red Curry Paste
86 Samuel Lloyd Kinsey
87 Cooking with Wine, Beer, and Spirits
88 Mei Teck Wong
89 Vegetables from Amaranth to Zucchini
90 Cassoulet
91 Bartender's Techniques
92 Onions
93 New Generation of Home Ec Teachers
94 Sarson's Malt Vinegar
95 Traditional Aceto Balsamico of Monticello
96 Verger Pierre Gingras Natural Hand-crafted Cider Vinegar
97 Datu Puti Coconut Vinegar
98 Gegenbauer Tomato Vinegar
99 Gold Plum Chinkiang Vinegar
100 John McFarland

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