French Apple Tart

I learned how to make this apple tart at La Tulipe in Manhattan's West Village, where I cooked from 1981 to 1983. It's a very simple tart consisting of a butter crust, sliced Golden Delicious apples, sugar, and apricot jam. What makes it so special is the way you slice the apples. After you peel, halve, and core them, you lay the apples cut side down and slice them. But here's the trick: you don't slice them all the way through, which means the slices stay attached. Then you turn the apple half on its side and cut off the bottom where the apple slices are still connected. Now it's easy to fan out the slices like a Rockettes kick line and make a beautiful tart. A home cook can do it and look like a culinary genius. I love kitchen tricks like that. —Sara Moulton, chef and author

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