Girl Scout Cookies: The Taste Test

By Carola Cassaro

Published on March 24, 2011

We went a little nuts at SAVEUR headquarters last week, as this year's selection of delectable Girl Scout Cookies showed up in the office. With boxes strewn around the conference table, we all indulged in our childhood favorites — Caramel deLites (a.k.a. Samoas), Peanut Butter Patties (a.k.a Tagalongs), and of course the irresistible Thin Mints — as well as newer cookie models like Lemonades and Shout Outs (the new, healthier GSC option).

As I watched colleagues smile and chat between bites, I thought about the power of the Girl Scout Cookie: With nearly 175 million cookies sold a year, for more than 75 years, they can't just be purchased by parents for their kids. Although for some of us, it's been a while since we ate a Thin Mint (for myself, not since I was in Troop 333 nearly 15 years ago), it seems that most who sampled the cookies on the conference table were, like me, instantly brought back to the glorious days of the after-school snack. But how well does the memory survive? We asked each editor to record notes after snacking on the cookies — and not every cookie passed muster.

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