The SAVEUR Bookshelf: Ice Cream Cookbooks

When asked to name my favorite sweet, the answer is always ice cream. I’m one of those people who wouldn’t turn down a scoop even in the middle of winter, but come summer ice cream (and all its frozen brethren: sorbets, granitas, sherbets, ices) becomes a regular indulgence. I love standing in line at an ice cream shop deliberating over which flavor to choose — the weird ones always tempt me the most — but there’s something even more satisfying about making a batch in my own kitchen, where the flavors can be as strange or as simple as I choose. (Just try to top homemade peach ice cream in the summer; it can’t be done.) And if you bring a pint or two to a barbecue or a party, prepare to be the most popular guest there.While I have no trouble dreaming up ice cream flavors on my own, there are plenty of chefs and DIY-ers doing really interesting things with frozen desserts these days, and I love browsing through their books for inspiration. Here’s a list of some of the best ice cream and frozen dessert books out there.

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