Green Beans and Tomatoes
In so many green bean casseroles, the beans are cooked well past the point of mushy. In this recipe they keep some snap. Todd Coleman

When our friends at the Food Network asked us to join in their Virtual Thanksgiving, we knew right away what we wanted to bring to the table: a simple, perfect side of Green Beans and Tomatoes. Featured as our November cover star this year; we love this humble dish for its uncanny ability to fit in with any style of Thanksgiving dinner, from classic to contemporary — not to mention its couldn’t-be-simpler preparation. The recipe comes from SAVEUR editor-in-chief James Oseland’s own repertoire: he serves this dish every Thanksgiving. Unlike many green bean casseroles in which everything’s cooked well beyond the point of mushiness, these beans retain a satisfying snap amidst luscious, cooked-down tomatoes and fragrant garlic.

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