Florida’s Best

1. The baked oysters, served with toppings like bacon and feta cheese, at Boss Oyster in Apalachicola.

2. The amazing pies from Yoder's Amish Restaurant in Sarasota.

3. The toasty, pressed cubano sandwich at Brocato's in Tampa.

4. The supercreamy smoked mahimahi spread from the 78-year-old Mrs. Peters Smokehouse in Jensen Beach.

5. The luscious fruit milk shakes at Robert Is Here, a 50-year-old fruit stand in Homestead.

6. The spicy conch stew and crispy griot (fried pork) from Chef Creole in Miami, a favorite of the Haitian and Bahamian communities in south Florida.

7. The pulled pork from Smokin' Joe's BBQ & Grill off Highway 39 in Lithia.

8. The tangy-sweet mayhaw jelly found at farm stands across the northern part of the state.

9. The expertly charred, juicy, dry-aged delmonico rib eye at Bern's, the legendary Tampa steak house.

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