Though some ouzeris do serve dessert, Greeks generally prefer to retire to a patisseria, or pastry shop, for sweets after a mezethes-and-ouzo session. At one of these establishments, try galaktoboureko, custard-filled phyllo with hints of orange and cinnamon; kataifi, shredded wheat logs stuffed with almonds; kaymaki, a slightly sour, ultra-rich cream used to flavor pastries and ice creams; or, just for the novelty of it, chocolate-dough baklava. And be sure to sample the dense sheep’s-milk yogurt drizzled with Greek honey. As a beverage, instead of what’s chauvinistically referred to as “Greek coffee” (but is really Turkish sludge), order a frape. This cold drink of instant coffee whipped to a frothy head, with either milk and sugar or vanilla ice cream, is ordered by locals any time of day.