The Feast Goes On: 150 Issues of SAVEUR Covers

By James Oseland

Published on September 19, 2012

From its inaugural issue in 1994, SAVEUR has captured my imagination as a magazine different from all other food magazines, one that portrayed with singular vividness and intensity the things that mattered most to me. True to the mission statement laid out in that first issue, SAVEUR captured the world for those of us who see it "food first." Now, as editor, I work to sustain what so fascinated me from the start, a vision not of trends or tricks, but of what is essential, long-lasting, and true about food—what is, in short, classic. On the occasion of our 150th issue, it's illuminating for me to look back at all the issues that came before, to see how SAVEUR has evolved, yes—but more importantly, how what is at its core has remained the same.

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