Mixstrology: Taurus

By Patricia Clark Hippolyte

Published on April 22, 2014

Welcome to Mixstrology, SAVEUR's monthly series where astrologer/bartender Patricia Clark Hippolyte provides a cocktail prescription for each sign of the zodiac. This month: Taurus.

Taurus, I live and die for my time with you—live for the chow-down, and die from overeating. It's as if I’m an honorary Taurus. I most often return from our culinary excursions uncomfortably engorged, only to wake up starving and dehydrated. I find myself both proud and disgusted with my performance, a feeling that luckily dissolves after a day of salad and a nice shot of chlorophyll. You are solid, deliberate, fixed in your ways, motivated by food and money, and fueled by the desire principle. That's why I created an over-the-top cocktail with a Taurus-pleasing combination of caramel cream liqueur, vodka, a bacon-popcorn simple syrup, and a scotch float; it's the perfect marriage of salty, smoky, and sweet. Eating and drinking at the same time—what more could a Taurus ask for?

Prairie Gold
Prairie Gold

A simple syrup flavored with bacon and popcorn sweetens this over-the-top cocktail made with vodka, caramel liqueur, and scotch.

As for the rest of the zodiac, try these sign-appropriate variations:


With your ruling planet Mercury and transiting Pluto doing the dance, this will allow you to stay very focused on work plans: vodka, iced tea, and bacon-popcorn simple syrup.


The planets are telling you to open your eyes to unexplored possibilities that take you into new places and into contact with new folks. Get your ducks in a row so when Mars goes direct you will be prepared to move forward smoothly and efficiently with the right people by your side. Same ingredients as the original; just add some mexican mole bitters.


Now that Jupiter is moving toward your domestic sphere, go forward with implementing those changes in your home that you’ve been thinking about. Make it the castle you’ve always wanted. Keep it fresh and direct with tequila, bacon-popcorn simple syrup, and fresh lemon juice.


Mars retrograding in Libra isn’t helping you get control of financial affairs; however, in mid-May Mars will go direct, allowing you to get your arms around the issues much easier. I promise nothing but ease and harmony. Go for vodka, simple syrup, and a splash of Aperol.


The change Uranus brings can result in greater freedom and independence, allowing you to break away from old routines, habits, and restrictions. Pluto, on the other hand, frequently brings endings and closure, but will also bring around renewal. Mix bourbon, bacon-popcorn simple syrup, and some unsweetened iced tea.


All of the hard work you've put in begins to pay off and is rewarded—or at the very least, recognized. Saturn is keeping you focused and with Mars going direct, goals that recently lay dormant will now emerge. Meat and potatoes and a little veg for you: Drop the caramel cream and add bloody mary mix.


After a long and rough winter, mid-May should serve you well: The planet of getting things done goes direct, meaning all those roadblocks you’ve been running into will hit the bricks. Sayonara. Have a little taste of breakfast—the most important meal—by omitting the scotch and adding a couple ounces of iced coffee.


Do your best to stay away from confrontations; they truly won’t serve your interests. This is an isolating transit for you so my recommendation shouldn't be a tough one: rye, cold-brew coffee, bacon-popcorn simple syrup, and a squeeze of lemon.


Uranus in Aries is always going to send you hurtling in a new direction socially and there is something about the process which is always bumpy, but who loves unpredictability more than you? Sub butterscotch liqueur for the caramel, shake well, then add club soda.


99 bottles of beer on the wall...and you’d drink them all. Neptune is not helping you to see boundaries clearly, however Saturn is and he’s helping hold down the fort. Quite a balancing act; keep it up with mezcal, caramel cream, bacon-popcorn simple syrup, and a paper umbrella.


Aries! Still feeling energized, I hope. Venus in your sign will have you feeling impulsive and craving adventure around the first week in May. With Uranus and Pluto still skulking about, keep a cool head to avoid any unwanted showdowns. Go for vodka and bacon-popcorn simple syrup with a dash of black pepper bitters.

Patricia Clark Hippolyte is a New York-based astrologer and bartender.

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