I haven’t given much thought to posters since college, when Fugazi vied for dorm room wall space with Sunny Day Real Estate and My Bloody Valentine. While I still love my 90s playlists, my wall art tastes have changed just slightly. These days, I look for pieces with a little more refinement that still don’t require dipping too deeply into my wallet—we are talking posters, after all. And I want my current interests—namely all things cooking-related—to be reflected on the walls of my sunny-but-small Brooklyn kitchen.

Recently, these colorful food- and beverage-themed prints have succeeded at reigniting my love for posters. Take a look, then tell me all about your kitchen wall art in the comments below.

Wall Posters

1. Sushi Love, $15 on Etsy
2. Measuring Spoons, $20 on Etsy
3. Oscar Mayer Weinermobile, $27 from Fine Art America
4. Noodle is the Best, $20 from Zazzle
5. Brown Can Ring Pull, $27 from Fine Art America
6. The Compendius Coffee Chart, $29 from Pop Chart Lab
7. Summer Blueberries, $30 from Etsy