The Best Prints for Your Kitchen Walls

Posters shouldn’t only be relegated to dorm rooms—these deserve prime real estate on the walls of your kitchen. (And in bedrooms, bathrooms, and even dorm rooms, too.)

By Judy Haubert

Published on March 26, 2015

I haven't given much thought to posters since college, when Fugazi vied for dorm room wall space with Sunny Day Real Estate and My Bloody Valentine. While I still love my 90s playlists, my wall art tastes have changed just slightly. These days, I look for pieces with a little more refinement that still don't require dipping too deeply into my wallet—we are talking posters, after all. And I want my current interests—namely all things cooking-related—to be reflected on the walls of my sunny-but-small Brooklyn kitchen.

Recently, these colorful food- and beverage-themed prints have succeeded at reigniting my love for posters. Take a look, then tell me all about your kitchen wall art in the comments below.

1. Sushi Love, $15 on Etsy
2. Measuring Spoons, $20 on Etsy
3. Oscar Mayer Weinermobile, $27 from Fine Art America
4. Noodle is the Best, $20 from Zazzle
5. Brown Can Ring Pull, $27 from Fine Art America
6. The Compendius Coffee Chart, $29 from Pop Chart Lab
7. Summer Blueberries, $30 from Etsy

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