Every Friday in April, we’ll be sharing excerpts from Chicken Makes the Ice Cream Taste Better, a book of stories written about food from the students at P.S. 7 Samuel Stern in East Harlem, and published by 826NYC and Edible Schoolyard NYC. Today, we’ve got a story from Jaylin Wood about a very important first.

On a spooky, cold night the wind was howling and my aunt Alison and my mom were making buffalo chicken and french fries. My mom is a rose. She smells good. She is short and has Michael Jackson style. Her knowledge grows as she gets older.

“How do french fries taste?” I asked my mother.

“Jay, have you ever tried french fries before?”

“No, I’ve never tried french fries before.” I was shivering in fear.

“Well, then, today is your lucky, lucky day and your first day to try french fries.”

I felt nervous, afraid, and scared to try french fries. My hands started shaking. My stomach felt like a herd of animals. When dinner was ready, my mom served our food and there were these yellow strings on my plate next to the delicious buffalo wings. The french fries smelled like potatoes, yummy, and good. It also smelled like a field of potato flowers. I finished the buffalo wings on my plate then it was time for the french fries. The fries had salt. They were fried in oil with an abundance of hot sauce. Dun! Dun! Dun! Dunnn! My hands were shaking like an earthquake. I took a french fries and put it in my mouth, suddenly everything became quiet. When I tasted the french fries, it tasted delicious, soft, salty, crunchy, yummy, good, fantastic, and amazing. I felt like jumping off the walls. It also felt like it was a quiet day at the beach, with the summer breeze flowing through my face .The air felt amazing, the air smelled like flowers. It also felt relaxing.

Anyway, the next day, it was a school day. The sun was shining. It was hot outside and the air felt wonderful. While I was getting dressed I was thinking about the french fries. Mmm, french fries. When I got to school, I was talking to my friend, Brianna, about what I had for dinner last night. When it was time for lunch, I was surprised what the school was having for lunch: french fries. They were burnt. I tried one of the burnt, brown, crispy fries and then I told my friends that the fries were not half bad. I ate my burnt, brown, crispy, french fries and at them all up. While I was eating fries, it sounded so loud in my ears, like a lot of cars during rush hour. Mmm, delicious! Now, when I’m hungry for fries, I’m like a shark. I smell the air and I instantly know where the fries are.

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Jaylin Wood is 11 years old. Her favorite things to do are make clothes, play with her Xbox, watch horror movies, hang out with her little sister and cook. She wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up. She loves french fries. The best part of working on this project was working on her food story.