Berlin’s Türkenmarkt

By Heather Sperling

Published on February 6, 2014

On Tuesdays and Fridays, a quarter-mile stretch along the Landwehr Canal in Berlin's edgy southwestern neighborhood of Kreuzberg transforms into a vibrant hodgepodge of stalls peddling fresh produce and superb Turkish foods: savory gözleme flatbreads stuffed with spinach and cheese and griddled until dappled brown; golden rings of molasses-dipped simit bread flecked with sesame seeds; falafel sizzling in vats of hot oil; and tender meatballs known as köfte dürüm, simmered with peppers, tomatoes, and onions.

The Turkish population is Berlin's largest immigrant community, and the Türkenmarkt, or Turkish Market, is its culinary epicenter. On a recent stroll through the piles of artichokes and ripe cherries, a fresh-pressed pomegranate juice in hand, I noticed that hipsters were just as common as women in head scarves. And it hit me that this market is a true icon of modern life in Berlin, rich with diversity and discoveries.

Maybachufer, 12047 Berlin Neukölln

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