At SAVEUR, we believe in experiencing the world food-first and sharing our adventures on our Instagram, @saveurmag. So naturally, we love when our readers embrace and capture that same gastro-minded ethos. From Switzerland to Thailand, they’ve been showing us how they #eattheworld—here are our September favorites.

California: @thehungryfarang

Weighing in at a whopping 20 pounds, this beautiful North African roasted lamb platter came with all the fixings: ground lamb, golden raisins, potato, and toasted nuts. Who’s ready to dig in?

Turkey: @blackwhitevivid

As we celebrate our own pasta issue, we’ve loved seeing pasta recipes pouring in from readers and users all over the world. Here, @blackwhitevivid shares a spelt pasta with fresh herb pesto and figs that we can’t get over.

Switzerland: @urbanrasoizurich

Giving up meat (even for a day) is just that much easier when vegetarian food is this beautiful. Here’s a snapshot from the Gujarati Navratri festival in Zürich.

New York: @ebbesweet

This month, Jews around the world celebrated Rosh Hashanah with family celebrations filled with delicious traditional foods. One of our favorites? Beautiful challah bread.

Pennsylvania: @figandbleu

What screams fall more than these apple-almond donuts with fresh-pressed coffee?

Thailand: @domedresstinyz

Shabu shabu, or hot pot, is a cold-weather cure worth getting to know.

Oregon: @nicky.usa

Khao tom muu (rice porridge with pork meatballs) is the perfect sweater-weather comfort food.

United Kingdom: @msjessicamw

Potato three ways: which would you choose?