Watch the Amazing Chinese Art of Blowing Molten Sugar Into Glass

It’s a dying craft that has us, well, blown away

By Dan Q. Dao

Published on January 28, 2017

As SAVEUR's exploration of all-things sugar—aka #thesugarfiles—gets into full swing, we're celebrating the sweetest sugar-bending skills from all over the world, from near-impossible Scottish honey harvesting to Hungarian cookie decorating. Next up on the list is the Chinese folk-meets-street art of "sugar-blowing."

An increasingly rare practice, Chinese sugar-blowing resembles glass blowing, with the artist using their mouth to inflate a ball of caramelized sugar, then sculpting and shaping a 3-D figurine out of it. According to Atlas Obscura, animals are the most popular shapes. This particular video, taken in Beijing, shows an older gentleman producing a stunningly lifelike bunny and rooster in a matter of minutes. It's awesome.

If you're now obsessed (like we are), check out this clip from Xi'an, China of a man sculpting a traditional dragon, or this one of a vendor in front of the Great Wall at Simatai creating cats and tigers.

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