Nine months after being awarded a third Michelin star, noma (currently topping The World’s Best Restaurant list) has big changes ahead—that are largely still a mystery following a cryptic Instagram post

Yesterday, chef René Redzepi announced via the social app that his team will be uprooting to a yet-to-be-disclosed location this fall and putting the Danish dining space on pause for the rest of the year—much like they’ve done in the past for pop-ups such as in Tulum in 2017. Still, the next chapter of the famed restaurant could involve a very different version of noma (or perhaps a completely new iteration).

Noma Restaurant News
Photography by Ditte Isager

“This trip will be the starting point of one of our biggest transformations so far,” writes Redzepi. “When we return to Copenhagen in 2023 we will celebrate our 20th year. The last year of noma as we know it and the beginning of a new and exciting phase.” 

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