December’s Most Popular Recipes

From a savory Moroccan tagine to sweet, gooey Nutella breakfast rolls, the most popular recipes of December 2012—as determined by you, via our Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and on-site traffic—are an eclectic bunch. But they do all have one thing in common: that essential, soul-warming quality that makes for the very best cold-weather cooking, eating, and sharing.

Nutella Buns
Nutella Buns

Nutella Buns

Chicken, Olive, and Lemon Tagine (Djaj Mqualli)
Chicken, Olive, and Lemon Tagine (Djaj Mqualli)

Tagine, the Moroccan stew, shares its name with the terra-cotta pot it’s traditionally cooked in, whose neat conical lid promotes convection and even cooking. There are many versions; maybe the most classic is braised chicken, green olives, and lemons in a sauce fragrant with ginger and coriander.

Dolores's Brokenhearted Chicken
Dolores's Brokenhearted Chicken

Caramelized garlic and dry sherry make a luscious sauce for a simple but delectable braised chicken dish. Get the recipe for Dolores’s Brokenhearted Chicken »

Chicken Liver Pate

A splash of brandy and some butter transforms the humble chicken liver into a decadent spread, perfect for schmearing onto toast points.

Coconut Cake
Coconut Cake

Fresh coconut and its sweet water are the keys to this cake, passed down from pastry chef Ben Mims’ grandmother, Jane Newson.


Literally named “crunch in the mouth,” croquembouche is an edible monument of caramelized pastry.

Brigadeiros (Brazilian Fudge Balls)

You can find many versions of brigadieros, but chocolate is the traditional flavor for these dense, chewy fudge balls rolled in sprinkles, a treasured treat in Brazil. Get the recipe for Brigadeiros (Brazilian Fudge Balls) »


This hearty, meat-studded dish from southwestern France may be the ultimate one-pot meal. A slow-simmered mix of beans, pork sausages, pork shoulder, pancetta, and duck, cassoulet takes its name from the earthenware cassole in which it was traditionally made. See the recipe for Cassoulet »

Laugenbrezel (Traditional German Pretzels)

At the Hofbrauhaus beer hall in Munich, these giant pretzels, which have a similar chew to bagels, are served with soft butter. Get the recipe for Laugenbrezel (Traditional German Pretzels) »

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