Transylvanian Chimney Cakes

In her Long Island City bakery, Anne Kosmas keeps a centuries-old Transylvanian pastry tradition alive.

In her Long Island City bakery, Anna Kozma wraps yeasted dough around a cylindrical mold to make a traditional Transylvanian chimney cake. Back to Tubular Treats »
After the dough is rolled onto the cylinder, Kozma gives it a dusting of fine sugar. Back to Tubular Treats »
Before going into the oven, the dough is flattened against a ridged tray. Back to Tubular Treats »
Cakes of various sizes and with a variety of toppings wait on their spindles (left) to go into the special chimney cake oven (right), imported from Hungary. Back to Tubular Treats »
The oven is specially designed for baking chimney cakes; it automatically rotates the spindles to ensure that each cake is done in about five minutes. Kozma says most of her customers claim to never have seen anything like it before. Back to Tubular Treats »
Topped with everything from almonds to coconut to simple sugar, these chimney cakes are ready to eat. Back to Tubular Treats »

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