Kitchen Tour: Madhur Jaffrey’s Kitchen

Madhur Jaffrey's kitchen is not only small, it is completely outdated. Since buying her rambling old 1970s property in upstate New York, she has not changed the original countertops, some wooden and some tiled, or the cabinets. Back To Making It Work »
Every inch of Jaffrey's small kitchen is dense with the tools and ingredients she uses on a daily basis. A few strategies help make the most of the space. Every surface -- even the floor -- does double duty. Back To Making It Work »
Cupboard shelves accommodate a global range of dry goods and other pantry items. The hard-to-reach storage space on top of the cabinets houses bottles of infrequently used sauces and oils. Back To Making It Work »
Next to the stove, a masala dabba, an Indian spice container, holds the spices that she uses the most in her cooking. Back To Making It Work »
Jaffrey serves white rice, salmon in mustard sauce, and spicy stewed eggplant. Back To Making It Work »
There is not enough counter space, making it difficult to plate four course dinners for 15 people, but Jaffrey makes it work, balancing plates on top of the toaster, the coffemaker, and the microwave. Back To Making It Work »
An improvised cabinet rack holds a dough scraper and a mincer. Back To Making It Work »
Kitchens shape the cook. In Jaffrey's case, her cooking has become all about organization and the very careful timing of every dish. Back To Making It Work »
Jaffrey says of her kitchen, "It is not the kitchen of my dreams, but I make it work for me. After all, it is the food that comes out of the kitchen that matters most." Back To Making It Work »

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