Maxime Iattoni

Popular Swedish godis, or candy, including skumkantereller, Marianne candies, salta blackfiskar, and more.

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These candies are the New York City shop’s namesake. The cubical sweets are chewier than American marshmallows.


The name means “foam chanterelles”; these marshmallow sweets taste nothing like mushrooms. Texture-wise, they are chewier than American marshmallows.


These classic Swedish wrapped hard candies are white and minty with a chocolate center.

Sur Skumfisk

In a Swedish candy store, you’re probably more likely to see these sour marshmallow fish than the bright red jellies we call Swedish Fish in the U.S.

Salta Blackfiskar

These popular, chewy octopuses taste of salty black licorice, a flavor that Scandinavians love.

Citron-Apelsin Klyftor

These classic hard candies adopt the flavor and shape of lemon and orange segments.

Blackfiskar Sura

These chewy, happy octopuses, the fruity cousins of the popular licorice octopus, are dusted with a sour sugar.

Kanderade Haxvral

The name means “candied witch scream”. The sweet chews have a licorice flavor.

Mormor Lisas Cocos

Grandma Lisa’s coconut chocolate truffles are dusted with grated coconut.

Mojanger Pecan

Mojanger means “springs”; these taste like praline or butter pecan.


Easter roosters, chewy and citrusy, come in the holiday appropriate colors lavender, green, and yellow.

Energy Jellies

These yellow, blue, and red gummies, dusted in sour sugar, are reminiscent of The Matrix‘s red pill/blue pill quandary. (In this case, I’d choose both.)


Bilar means “cars” in Swedish. These chewy gummies have a light citrus-floral perfume to them. They can also be found at IKEA. The tagline, “Sveriges mest kopta bil,” means “Sweden’s most purchased car.”

Sweet Hearts

Half-jelly, half-gummy, what’s not to love about these big sweets?


This is an example of a classic Swedish Paskagg, a decorated paper egg which is saved and refilled each year with loose candy. Adults fill and hide the egg and children must search for it on Easter day.

Sockerbit bouquet

Store owners Stefan Ernberg and Florencia Baras sell made-to-order bouquets of Swedish candies on skewers.


Candy store owners Stefan Ernberg and Florencia Baras. Sockerbit
89 Christopher St.
New York, NY 10014