Scenes from Peloponnese, Greece

A close-up shot of the screens, made of beeswax, where the bees leave their honey. Each bee box (or “bee house”) contains several screens that slide in and out and house the bees. Penny De Los Santos
St. George Church in a cove secluded from the main beach of Poulithra. Penny De Los Santos
Sts. Constantine & Helen Day at the St. Constantine Church in the mountain village of Tsoumo. Penny De Los Santos
In the midst of a liturgy inside the Church of St. Constantine. The artos bread, which people bring to church as an offering, is blessed by the priest, then eaten after the service. Penny De Los Santos
Artos bread coated in sugar. (Konstantinos, one of the few beekeepers of Poulithra, is pictured here in charge of slicing the large artos bread.) Penny De Los Santos
A close-up of Konstantinos slicing the artos. Penny De Los Santos
Churchgoers enjoy the artos bread (served in large baskets outdoors). Penny De Los Santos
Christos Moriatis, a beekeeper, in his backyard checking his bee boxes in the town of Poulithra, in the Peloponnese. Penny De Los Santos
Stamatoula Moriatis picking oregano that grows wild in her backyard. Penny De Los Santos
Tsakoniki eggplant, native to the town of Leonidion, in the Peloponnese. Penny De Los Santos
Lunch at the Moriatis house (from left: Takis Xerakias, neighbor Mary, aunt Maria Moriatis, Maria Xerakia, and Christos Moriatis) in their backyard under a carob tree. Penny De Los Santos