Heartbeet Lifesharing is a community for developmentally disabled adults and also a working farm. Residents at Heartbeet help milk cows, gather eggs, and tend the gardens. Here is a look at the morning rituals there, originally from the iPad edition of Special Issue #165: A Day of Cooking

7:13 A.M. Before breakfast, the first task of the day at Heartbeet Lifesharing in Hardwick, Vermont, is to make sure the animals on the farm are comfortable. At left, Sequoya Cheyenne, 31, milks Daphne, one of Heartbeet’s four dairy cows. At right, Eric Tidblom, 37, milks Amber. Corey Hendrickson
7:32 A.M. In the henhouse, Sequoya feeds the laying chickens. Corey Hendrickson
7:41 A.M. Jared Shaffer, 23 (front), bottle-feeds a calf, Rosemary, who was born in the fall of 2013, while Sequoya feeds Shifra, born in January 2014. Corey Hendrickson
7:45 A.M. After they’ve been milked and fed, the cows head out to their snowy pasture for the day. Corey Hendrickson
8:03 A.M. Heartbeet founder Hannah Schwartz (left) and resident Annie Jackson, 32, in the kitchen of Kaspar House, where they both live. The cheeses on the counter are from Jasper Hill Farm in nearby Greensboro, where Jackson works as an assistant to the cheese makers. Corey Hendrickson
8:19 A.M. Onat Sanchez, Hannah Schwartz’s father’s husband, regularly helps to plan and cook meals at Heartbeet. Here, he caramelizes onions for a bacon, cheese, and spinach frittata. Corey Hendrickson
8:46 A.M. Annie Jackson helps make a breakfast of cold cereal and preserved fruit for her housemates.
9:21 A.M. Hannah Schwartz and Onat Sanchez (at right) serve breakfast at Kaspar House. Corey Hendrickson