Scenes from India: West

From barren swaths of desert to a verdant coast, west India is a tale of opposites. In the state of Gujarat it is the thali—a meal of various dishes composed in a compartmentalized tray—that holds iconic status. Farther south, lush Maharashtra and Goa abound with fresh seafood and produce all year round, and coconut-enriched sauces are adored. Here, see the places, people, and food of west India as captured by SAVEUR photographers.
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A vegetable vendor at Byculla Market bags chiles.
A motorcyclist transports a flock of live chickens in Mumbai.
A watermelon vendor at Byculla Market.
A waiter at the Ideal Restaurant holding a platter of house specialties.
Making naan at a bread shop in Mumbai’s Mohammad Ali Road neighborhood.
Bagging pickles in Mumbai’s Mohammad Ali Road neighborhood.
One of the many spice shops in Mumbai’s Laulbag Market.
Worli Village Fish Market

A seafood vendor at a Worli Village market in Mumbai.

A crowd gathers at fried street snack stand in Mumbai’s Worli Village.
In Gujarat’s Bhirandiyara village, Meghwal tribe members cook over an open fire.
Preparing vegetables for lunch in Gujarat’s Bhirandiyara village.
On the outskirts of Bhuj, workers clearing a field of sugar cane.
As an offering, the public feeds cows in central Bhuj.
A lunch in a Muslim home in a village outside of Bhuj.

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