Scenes from Georgia

In the Republic of Georgia, bold, unique flavors, ancient methods of winemaking, and epic meals are at the center of a way of life. These images are from senior editor Karen Shimizu’s trip to Georgia, which she writes about in Everlasting Feast.

A mid-day picnic, at a grape harvest in Kakheti, in Republic of Georgia. Landon Nordeman
Harvesting grapes in Kakheti, Republic of Georgia. Landon Nordeman
From left: Leah Beroshvili, her grandson Lazare, daughter Ketevan, and son-in-law John Wurdeman, share a lunch of mchadi (Georgian cornbread); cheese; khachapuri (Georgian cheese bread); tomato and cucumber salad; eggplants stuffed with walnuts; and chicken and walnut stew. See the recipe for Khachapuri (Cheese and Egg Bread) »
See the recipe for Katmis Satsivi (Chicken with Walnut Sauce) »
Landon Nordeman
A worshiper at St. Nino’s, an orthodox church in Bodbe, Kakheti, Republic of Georgia. Landon Nordeman
In the courtyard of Pheasant’s Tears, a wine bar and restaurant in Sighnaghi, Republic of Georgia. In the upper-left corner are metal skewers for grilling meat; through the arched doorway in the top of the image is a hard-carved traditional trough for pressing grapes; at right, bread bakes in a tone, a tandoori-like oven. Landon Nordeman
The marketplace in Telavi, Republic of Georgia. Landon Nordeman
Khachapuri, Georgian cheese bread. See the recipe for Acharuli Khachapuri (Cheese and Egg Bread) » Landon Nordeman
Unearthed qvevri, traditional wine-aging and storing vessels, laying aboveground at Pheasant’s Tears winery in Kakheti, Republic of Georgia. Landon Nordeman
Leah Beroshvili, 73, cooks in her daughter’s home in Sighnaghi, Republic of Georgia. Landon Nordeman
Leah Beroshvili, with her daughter Ketevan and granddaughter Gvantsa. Landon Nordeman
Winemaker Gela Pataiashvilick stirs fermenting wines in a subterranean qvevri the cellar of Pheasant’s Tears winery. Landon Nordeman
A woman harvesting grapes in Kakheti, Republic of Georgia. Landon Nordeman
Assorted pickles for sale in Telavi, Republic of Georgia. Landon Nordeman
The main road leading into Sighnaghi, Republic of Georgia. Landon Nordeman