A Savory Porridge That Makes Mush Glamorous

Thinly sliced turnips and bright green salsa make this bowl anything but boring

Cracked-Wheat Porridge with Hen of the Woods Mushrooms and Turnip-Top Salsa

Cracked Wheat Porridge with Mushrooms
This hearty porridge is bolstered by roasted vegetables and enlivened with a salsa of turnip greens.Ingalls Photography

If making porridge for dinner sounds horribly boring and outdated, you're in for a surprise. As of late, porridge has been working hard to shed its reputation as an easily digestible option for the sick, or as the bowl that is either too hot or too cold in fairy tale stories. Believe it or not, porridge is becoming cool. Part of this may be due in part to the peasant stand-by's revival in innovative restaurants like England's The Fat Duck, where they serve their porridge with snails, Iberian ham, and shaved fennel.

This hearty porridge recipe, which comes to us from chef Yoni Levy of San Francisco's Alta CA restaurant, is the antidote to boring. Cracked wheat, hen of the woods mushrooms, and piles of pecorino romano makes this dish more reminiscent of risotto than Dickensian gruel. Thinly sliced turnips crown the bowl, lending a bit of crunch, and a turnip-top green salsa keeps things fresh. It's a delicious and unexpected option for dinner, or add an egg and call it breakfast.