Read Executive Editor Stacy Adimando’s "Grub Street Diet"

In this average week of eating, tamales, Cantonese rice rolls, and tortellini in brodo were consumed

Stacy Adimando
Executive Editor Stacy Adimando loves the antipasti and beverage list at New York's Vini e Fritti.Erinn Springer for Grub Street

If you've read an article or two about the goings on in our Test Kitchen—or you follow us on social media, you've probably guessed that there's not a shortage of food seen, cooked, eaten, and usually photographed when it comes to being part of the Saveur staff. Executive Editor Stacy Adimando, who heads up the editorial side of all things Saveur, was recently featured in New York Magazine 's culinary offshoot Grub Street where the site followed her eating (and juicing, snacking, and dessert-ing) habits for the better part of a week. Reading it gives a glimpse into a day in the life of writing about food and travel—and a look at what a Saveur editor cooks for Thanksgiving—but also a reminder of what's important: giving, sharing, family time, pets, and tortellini.