Out of the Office: Tulum

Saveur’s Allie Wist finds roadside tacos and impressive dining on a trip to the low-key beach town

byAllie Wist| PUBLISHED Sep 3, 2015 10:00 PM
Out of the Office: Tulum

Even though it’s become a chic beach haunt in recent years, Tulum’s lack of tourist traps and fussiness makes the town still feel remarkably unadulterated—especially when it comes to the food. Next door to Tulum’s famous Mayan ruins there’s no shortage of breezy outdoor dining where you can experience a fresh kind of Mexican cooking that doesn’t always stick to classic Mexican recipes or tropes. At places like Burrito Amor and Hartwood, chefs play with regional ingredients like Mayan spinach, Xcatic peppers and tropical fruits like papaya to showcase flavors native to the Yucatán peninsula. If that's not enough, there's also plenty of tequila cocktails. The food is so intriguing, it’s enough to distract you from the balmy beaches for a while. Here’s proof in 14 photographs from my recent trip to Tulum town.

While many visitors spend sunset on the beach, a walk through the residential streets of Tulum at dusk shows off the town's personality.
While there are certainly posh bungalows and beach-side resorts, Tulum is characterized by a noticably laid-back, unpretentious vibe. You can jump on the beach at one of several public beaches, alongside backpackers and road trippers, or lay under umbrellas at a hotel beach with some cocktails from their bar.