Watch (and Listen to) This Mesmerizing Music Video All About Pasta

You taste, see, and smell your food…but when was the last time you listened to it?

By Pauliina Siniauer

Published on June 9, 2017

If cookbooks were musical, this is what making pasta would sound like. Made by a British filmmaker Tom Paxton, this playful 1-minute film captures the making of pasta in an intense, fast-paced, but absolutely beautiful way.

The video, which takes place of the course of two and a half days of cooking, starts with choosing a cookbook, busting out a pasta machine, and tossing the ingredients in—all in rhythm. The fast cuts and hypnotizing drumming transforms the simple act of making of pasta from scratch into a story about what happens in Paxton's kitchen when a thunderstorm cuts his power (candles and a gas cooker comes in handy). Dough is slapped, a machine is cranked, oil is sizzled, and by the end, a steaming plate of pasta with meatballs finally emerges on the counter and the silence arrives again.

It's a playful way to highlight the importance of sound to culinary experiences. Scientists have found that sound can act as "sonic seasoning," according to Quartz: when noise is added to an dining experience, it can affect the levels of sweetness, bitterness, or sourness people perceive in their food. For example, sweeter notes make your toffee taste sweeter whereas harsh, unpleasant sounds enhance bitterness. (If you wany to explore more with sound tasting, try out pairing chocolate with music using this Belgian project, The Sound of Chocolate).

Back to our musical pasta video: I have to warn you, afterwards you'll kind of want to smash something—like this Swedish chef, who rage-cooks basically by hitting ingredients—or make some pasta with meatballs. For that, check out our recipe for Lou Di Palo's luxurious spaghetti and meatballs recipe.

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