Blueberries and Buckles

By Allison Fishman

Published on August 13, 2009

Blueberry buckle. Mmmmm. For those of us who grew up eating this summery New England dessert, the name alone generates Pavlovian drooling. For those who've never tried it, it's not a trendy fashion accessory: a buckle is a one-bowl tart with a streusel topping. Technically, it's one step up from a blueberry muffin, and here's a great recipe for it by Artichokes and Garlic, who admits that though she was never a fan of blueberries, buckle won her over. Enthusiasts have also embraced Cory Schreiber and Julie Richardson's Rustic Fruit Desserts{rel=nofollow], and the Los Angeles Times has a seductive photo and recipe of the dessert.

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