Sweetened with agave nectar, this fruit slushee isn't overloaded with sugar, making it perfect for children. Bryant Terry

I’ve been trying to get my fill of watermelon before the season ends; in some parts of the country, watermelons are actually at their peak. While there are few things that make me happier than standing with a fat wedge of watermelon in hand, rivulets of juice running toward my elbows, I’m always on the lookout for offbeat ways to work with these ruby-fleshed beauties. Bryant Terry’s agave-sweetened slushee caught my attention a while back, as did Dorie Greenspan’s hot pepper and cool watermelon salsa. And SAVEUR’s very own recipe for Russian pickled watermelon has me intrigued. Do you do anything special with your watermelons this time of year? – 101cookbooks.com