The SAVEUR 100 on The Today Show

SAVEUR editor-in-chief James Oseland stopped by the TODAY Show this morning to show off some of the recipes, ingredients, and products that appear in Issue #135: The SAVEUR 100 — this year, entirely selected by chefs. "Chefs are always trying to punch through to the next big thing, in terms of ingredients," notes host Lester Holt, and James agrees: "They live and breathe food 24/7 — and these foods are fantastic!"

In the lineup: Italian Chardonnays, recommended by Mark McEwan of Toronto's North 44 Restaurant; Uplands Pleasant Ridge Reserve Cheese, recommended by Bruce Sherman of North Pond in Chicago; heritage, grass-fed Red Poll Beef, recommended by Andrea Reusing of Lantern restaurant in Chapel Hill ("Truly my favorite beef," says James); hardneck garlic as recommended by Michael Ayoub of NYC's Fornino; Chef Craig Koketsu's broccoli with cheese sauce and Cheetos (get the recipe) — "He should get an award for that," says Lester; Claude Troisgrois's pick of guava paste, at its best served as a "Romeo and Juliet," on top of fresh cheese; freeze-dried fruits from Fresh As, recommended by Le Bernardin's Eric Ripert; Kozlik's Triple-Crunch Mustard, rye-spiked and recommended by Jonathan Gushue of Langon Hall in Cambridge, Ontario; XO sauce (Father's Office chef Sang Yoon makes his own, get the recipe); and Chicago chef Andrew Zimmerman's pick: aji amarillo chili powder, great on popcorn or in tacos.

See all the items in the SAVEUR 100, and check out the video of James on TODAY, below.