The SAVEUR 100: Chefs’ Edition

Chefs are a special breed. They’re dedicated artists who live and breathe food. Some are ambassadors of international cuisines; others wow us with their creative interpretations. All are teachers who inspire us to become the best cooks we can be. So, when it came time for this year’s SAVEUR 100 — our annual list of great finds from the world of food — we turned to the toques. The result is the most passionate and authoritative SAVEUR 100 yet, a grab bag of chef-recommended tools, tricks of the trade, must-visit restaurants, beloved books, amazing drinks, guilty-pleasure foods, and much more. It’s a peek inside the kitchens, hearts, and minds of some of the world’s most talented cooks — a road map for living the most delicious life possible.

Tater Tots
Tater Tots Todd Coleman


BLiS Syrups and Roes

Dry Roasted Vegetables

“Much Depends on Dinner

McVitie’s Digestive Biscuits

Lucero Soto Arriaga

Tater Tots



“In Bocca”

Parsley & Pancetta Salad

Canale Torino

The Place


Salt-Roasted Sea Bass with Celery Salsa Verde

Encrusting whole fish with a salt-and-egg white mixture keeps the fish incredibly moist as it roasts.

Sitram Pots & Pans

Salt-Baked Fish



Being Alone

Frozen Peas

“American Cookery”

Victory Brewing

Hardneck Garlic

Boozy Hot Sauce

Juan Mari Arzak

Green Coriander Seeds

Corned Beef & Cabbage


Georges Blanc


Shortbread Cookies (Punitions)

Traditional French shortbread cookies taste best using a good salted butter with a high butterfat content, such as Kerrygold.

Salvatore Denaro

Fresh As

Pierogies Plus

The Isle of Skye

El Campero



Milk and Honey

Bram Cookware

Nathan Myhrvold

Carnival Food

Deviled Eggs

Ciao Pescao


Red Poll Beef

ABC Kitchen

Hawk’s Crawfish

Yuan Yuan Xiang

Le Contre-Quai

Sabah, Malaysia

Sushi Shin

Rotary Evaporator

La Grenouille

Real Neapolitan pizza
Real Neapolitan pizza Todd Coleman

Le Grand Livre de Cuisine

Triple Crunch Mustard

Claudia Roden

Sea Urchin

Veta la Palma Fish

Real Neapolitan Pizza

Pleasant Ridge Reserve

Amaranth Leaves

Irish Coffee

Smoked Olive Oil


XO Sauce

Chefs’ Knives

Salted Caramels

Italian Chardonnays

Court Pastry Shop


Aji Amarillo Chile Powder

Lemon Basil

Apple Corer

Sea Salt Coffee

French Apple Tart

French Apple Tart

French Apple Tart

“Catalan Cuisine”

Paul Bertolli


Yuzu Kosho

Nose-to-Tail Rabbit

Mortadella Smear

Bitter Truth Celery Bitters

Pencil & Paper

Koshary El Tahrir

Vitamix Blenders

Fraternity of Chefs


Guava Paste

Chefs Collaborative



Molten Chocolate Cake

La Boite a Epice

Boys & Girls Cookbook”

Tomato Sandwiches

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