A Battery Pack That Lasts

Taking iPhone photos constantly can be a real battery drainer, but this tiny recharger gives me hours of extra juice.
Lepow Moonstone 6000v external recharger for iPhone and iPad, $60

courtesy Modernist Cuisine

A Ton of Inspiration

It’s impossible not to be inspired by the genre-defying food photos in this massive, gorgeous book. It makes me want to take better pictures—and to eat better food!
The Photography of Modernist Cuisine, $120

Instant gratification, plus digital backup

A retro-style instant camera that also saves all the pics to a memory card is a genius device for capturing holiday parties.
Polaroid z2300 plus film, $250

The perfect backdrop

Everything looks better on a marble surface—in photos, but also in real life.
French Kitchen Pastry Slab, $50

A sneaky camera bag

I’ll admit it: I hate camera bags. This handy insert offers all the padding of the best camera cases, and fits into a tote bag, messenger satchel, or a roomy purse.
ONA Camera Bag Insert, $60


HELEN ROSNER, executive digital editor
First camera: A neon pink 110mm that my mom gave me back in the ’80s
Favorite place to shoot: There’s nowhere I like taking photos more than the gorgeous, light-drenched SAVEUR kitchen—except maybe the Union Square Greenmarket
Essential photo app: Instagram! I post to SAVEUR’s feed regularly, and I post to my own even more often
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