Glassware for the aesthete

With each intoxicating sip, gaze into your sky-blue glass and disappear into a nautical fantasyland.
Double Old Fashioned Glasses, $318

a sophisticated mixer

I’m known for my love of an Old Fashioned. I’m not known for my ability to make one well. This all-in-one mixer makes it easy.
Bittermilk Old Fashioned Mixer, $14.95



A hand-picked, small-batch whiskey

A smooth, 90-proof bourbon from a recently resurrected Tennessee distiller has notes of cherry, plum and cinnamon. It’s a perfect winter warmer.
Belle Meade Bourbon, $34.99

An informative drinking companion

This brilliant book tells the origin stories of superhero spirits—Scotch, Bourbon, rum, tequila, and more— and touches on bitters and mixers, too.
The Drunken Botanist, $13.00

A bar tool as pretty as it is practical

Some bar tools have an almost clinical appearance. But not this gold-plated strainer, which is both functional and downright pretty.
Gold-plated julep strainer, $21.95


KEITH PANDOLFI, senior editor
Best drink to make for others: A Sazerac. Those who know it will be impressed; those who don’t will thank you for the introduction.
Best drink to make for yourself: Bourbon and Coke
Best snack to go with a cocktail: Nothing beats a bowl of mixed nuts. Nothing.
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