A Perfect Pitcher

This simple, elegant pitcher is lovely for a bunch of blossoms, but sturdy enough to hold hot spiced cider.
Emile Henri pitcher, $60 at

A Spicy, Savory Sauce

A piquant blend of Calabrian chiles, eggplant, mushrooms, and tomatoes, this is ridiculously delicious on a salami sandwich or whisked into pasta sauce.
Tutto Calabria Hot Spread Sauce, $12 at Brooklyn Larder



A Knife that’s a Work of Art

Working with this gorgeous paring knife would help make my New Year’s resolution to eat more fruit come true.
Hand-forged paring knife, $98 at

A Versatile Cooking Pot

Whether filled with the gooiest of bread pudding or a savory cheese casserole, this straight-sided pot is the perfect pairing of form and function.
Scape vegetable dish, $15 at

A Seriously Hot Dish Towel

I suspect none of my girlfriends would dare sully Ryan Gosling’s handsome face by drying their dishes with it, but this’ll look sweet in their kitchens anyway.
Dear Colleen dish towel, $16 at


Available for the first time in America, this flavorful French bird is deboned, rolled, and netted, ready to go in the oven for a simple, stylish dinner.
Capon Roulade, $60 at


KELLIE EVANS, associate food editor
Favorite holiday food: My mom’s broccoli casserole, a real classic
Best album to cook to: This time of year, the only choice is Elvis’s “It’s Christmas Time”
Ingredient of the moment: I can’t get enough of Mt. Tam cheese, an aged triple-cream from Cowgirl Creamery


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