Lazy Woman’s Pie

By Aglaia Kremezi

Published on January 21, 2014

The region of Epirus in northwest Greece is famous for its alevropita, savory tarts so easy to make they're nicknamed "lazy woman's pies." Twenty-five years ago, I had an unforgettable version at Kiki's, a restaurant in the village of Monodendri. Served straight out of the wood-fired oven, it had a flaky, cracker-thin crust; the topping was a simple mix of egg and crumbled feta. Kiki took her recipe to the grave, but I developed a version that's as good as what I remember: airy baked egg and cheese, fragrant with oregano and thyme, spiked with just a bit of heat from chile flakes, and layered with buttery phyllo. It's almost too ample a reward for the little effort involved in making it.

Aglaia Kremezi is author of_Vegetarian Mediterranean Feasts (Abrams, forthcoming, 2014)._

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